Quality Management

Cultivation and Quality Management
Through the way of special cultivation of our products, we pay particular attention to the ideal soil condition and the well-balanced fertilization. These factors guarantee the natural host defenses of soil and plants as well as a better and faster regeneration of the soil flora and fauna. This is performed by well managed application of green manure.

Additionally, we focus our attention on the usage of tolerant and resistant vegetables, well-balanced crop rotations, minimization of plant protection and mineral fertilizer, as well as the choice of healthy soils. Constant soil analysis by the specially certified scientific institutions guarantees the best results.

Soil and water are the most important factors of production in the vegetable cultivation.
Usage of the Nmin Method (mineralized Nitrogen)
The testing process of the necessary amount of nitrogen fertilizer in the soil is done by using the Nmin method. The advantage of this method is in the accurate detection of the nitrogen content in the soil that can be absorbed up by a plant. According to requirements and to plant species the soil will be feed with fertilizer during the growth period. The Nmin method allows an economical and customized fertilization, which helps to avoid consequent damage due to nitrate leaching and enhances the quality of the plant structure.

Water Resource Management
Necessary water supply of the specialized cultivations poses a growing challenge for the agriculture with regards to the climate change. Controlled irrigation is inevitable to compensate for the growing risk of the increasing droughts. We are working with a water resource manager who controls the moats of our overhead sprinkler systems based on evaporation and weather conditions to obtain most optimal results.

After the harvest all vegetables are subjected to strict quality control. All of the products should be gone through the analysis of precipitates which are accomplished by officially admitted institutions.

Freshness is the top priority:

Within an hour after the harvesting the vegetables are cooled down using both systems for pressure cooling at a core temperature of 4°C and therefore they should be storage in the cold place immediately. At the latest 8 hours after the harvest the vegetables are on the way to the consumer.
Since 2003 our company is certificated according to the regulations of QS and QSGAP.

QS Gap certificate   Quality mark of Rhineland-Palatinate

The systematic quality controls enable to guarantee the complete traceability of our products on their way from the field to the store.

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