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Mild climate and sunny grounds, which are rich in nutrients offer the South Palatinate the best conditions for the cultivation of vegetables. Our experienced employees and state of the art working facilities are key factors for the excellent quality of our products.

Radish with leaves (like a bunch) Spring onions Celery with leaves Dill
Radieschen Lauchzwiebel
Radish without leaves Round onion Celery without leaves Parsley curly
Radish like an icicle Pak Choi Celery stalks Parsley sleek
Pak Choi Pak Choi

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Radish with leaves (like a bunch)      
Radish without leaves      
Spring onions      
Round onions      
Celery with leaves      
Celery without leaves  
Celery stalks      
Pak Choi      
Radish like an icicle      
Parsley sleek      
Parsley curly      
variations caused by the weather are possible

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